Northern Lights Kush


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Northern Lights Kush

Northern Lights Kush stands among the most famous strains of all time, a pure indica cherished for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth. Itself a descendant of indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains,

Northern Lights has given birth to famous hybrids like Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Rumor has it that Northern Lights first sprouted near Seattle, Washington, but was propagated out of Holland after 1985 at what is now Sensi Seeds.
Pungently sweet, spicy aromas radiate from the crystal-coated buds, which sometimes reveal themselves in hues of purple. Northern Lights’ psychoactive effects settle in firmly throughout the body, relaxing muscles and pacifying the mind in dreamy euphoria. Comfortable laziness allows patients to relieve pain and sleeplessness, while its mellow contentment roots out depression and stress. Several different Northern Lights phenotypes circulate the market, but Sensi Seeds recommends a general indoor flowering time of 45 to 50 days.

Northern Lights Strain Information

The iconic and highly sought-after Northern Lights strain has a history shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that the strain was originally grown on an island near Seattle, Washington, in the 1970s by an unknown individual called “The Indian man.”

Supposedly, this guy grew several Afghani indica plants, naming them Northern Lights #1-11. He then compared the plants’ effects, qualities, and yields to find the standout phenotypes. As the story goes, the strain then traveled to Holland where it was perfected by the so-called “King of Cannabis,” Neville Schoenmaker.

The breeding process wasn’t well documented. though, so no one knows exactly how Northern Lights came to be. The strain first hit the market in Europe in the mid-1980s and made its way back to the U.S. in the early ’90s. Today, Sensi Seeds continues to propagate the Northern Lights family line.

A cross between Afghani and Thai indicas, the Northern Lights strain is 95% indica and just 5% Sativa. Its THC content hovers between 16% and 21% while its CBD levels are practically nonexistent. Given its roots, Northern Lights produces all the typical effects of a strong indica. This mind-body relaxation, a euphoric body high, heightened appetite, sedation, and an all-around, feel-good state.

Definitely a nighttime strain, Northern Lights has several potential benefits for medical users. It’s commonly used for chronic pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, stress, depression, and chronic headaches.

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