Lil OG Distillate


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Lil OG Distillate

Lil OG Distillate online. we sell several strains of cannabis distillate you can brows them and see which suits you the most Buy cbd distillate online.

Traits of OG Lil OG Distillates

  • Strong and unique.
  • Very dank.
  • Slightly citrus aroma.
  • Almost like strong detergent or fuel.
  • String and dank flavor with a long-lasting aftertaste.
  • Large and dense buds.
  • Lime green clusters.
The Larry OG completely relaxes the body and makes you feel productive, happy and euphoric. As a result, it alleviates stress almost instantly and is a good companion for those suffering from depression. In fact, many users have reported that they feel stimulated and relaxed at the same time while high on this strain.

Kush is a particular variety of cannabis that descends from the Hindu Kush mountains.

What’s a typical Kush

  • Appearance: Kush strains may exhibit deep green colas and leaves with hints of purple. …
  • Smell: Aroma can vary between earthy, floral, pungent, pine, incense, sweet fruit, hash spice, pepper, citrus, gas, and herbs.
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