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Kief on its own is stronger than traditional flower, but less potent than most extracted concentrates like shatter, budder, wax, and oil. the standard of the kief you’re collecting will depend directly on the standard of the plant it comes from. It fairly green in color usually indicates that there’s tons of plant matter. This is mixed in, a transparent indicator of low-quality kief that ought to be further refined. Keif that presents Very light tan or blonde with a beautiful aroma is typically more pure and of high-quality. It can be pressed into hash, used as an ingredient to infuse food, or to top off joints and blunts.

How to Get Kief

Many grinders, typically those made from aluminum or chrome steel , accompany a kief catcher, which is that the bottom chamber of the grinder that uses a screen to catch the trichomes as you grind your cannabis flower. As you grind your flower, the trichomes will sift through the screen and collect kief within the catcher. Once you’ve accumulated an honest amount, you’ll remove it with a scraper. If you’re looking to process large quantities reception , you’ll purchase a kief box. This usually has two chambers one for sifting cannabis flower and therefore the other for catching kief. Put your cannabis into the chamber, close the box and shake. As you shake the flower, the trichomes fall off, get sifted through the mesh screen. Then find yourself within the chamber.

How to Use it.

Sprinkling a generous dusting of kief to the highest of a packed bowl, joint, or blunt. This can dramatically increase the potency, making for a more intense and longer-lasting high. When smoking it, it’ll also burn slowly, extending the time it takes to smoke — perfect if you enjoy long smoke sessions with friends. If you’re a lover of smoking shisha out of a hookah, you’ll sprinkle it on top of the tobacco before adding the recent coals.
It also can be wont to make what are referred to as “moonrocks.” to make moonrocks, high-quality cannabis flowers are covered in hot oil and sprinkled with it. Once the rocks harden, they will be choppy and smoked, delivering a potent high. Moonrocks typically average at quite 50% THC.

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