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HoneyComb Clear Vape

Honeycomb Carts. The HoneyComb Clear Ultra Premium Vape Cartridges are amazing! They are the next revolution to cannabis vaping. Furthermore The Honeycomb Clear consist of Ultra Premium THC vape oil which is solvent free with a maximum content of its respective flavours.

Also, if you look at the bottom of the honeycomb clear  you’ll see that brown streak. that’s a sign that you are burning the cart when the oil changes color like that.

Honeycomb Clear has a history going two years back!

Impressive for what is, at best, a street brand, we find Honeycomb Clear mentions going back to 2018. We know from this handy review from March 23, 2018, which mentions Honeycomb Clear at the bottom of a list. The reviewer apparently got lucky on the oil that time, but we’ll soon hear from the not-so-lucky.

Meanwhile, most recent mention we can find of Honeycomb Clear is 20 days ago as of this writing. Still tickin’.

You can find retailers online vending Honeycomb Clear everywhere, including all the sketchy third-party rip-off sites with laughably low prices. And LeafedOut, because there’s always one LeafedOut example.

Some complaints about Honeycomb Clear

One complaint is that the carts are sold as “live resin” but poster is suspicious of the contents.

One user two months ago used Honeycomb Clear and now has throat symptoms.

This user reports sketchy package printing that flakes off into glitter. What did we say about cheap online print jobs back there?

Honeycomb Clear user reports leaky pods. Be careful with hot oil at hundreds of degrees; it can blow up in your face!

Honeycomb Clear : A mystery brand at best, fake at worst

At our most generous, we could say that Honeycomb Clear appears to be a street brand with some consistency, perhaps meaning that the packaging is controlled through one channel at least. Readers, let’s hear about Honeycomb Clear and any clues you have as to who to talk to about this brand – because the answer to that question is anything but clear! Our forum awaits.

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