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Haze Distillate

Haze Distillate, also known as “Original Haze,” “OG Haze,” “Haze OG,” and “Haze Brothers,” is a sativa marijuana strain. This strain provides high-energy and creative effects. Haze first took root in Santa Cruz, California during the 1960s where long growing seasons accommodated her lengthy flowering cycle. Since then, Haze has become the proud parent of countless hybrids around the globe, passing on its genetics from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and South India. Haze’s aroma is typically characterized by a spicy scent accented by hints of citrus and earthy sweetness.

Haze strains are known for having a distinctly spicy aroma when smoked, though citrusy and earthy scents can also be a sign that you have your hands on some haze. The flavor of the original haze strain tends to be earthy, sweet, and citrusy.

It can often seem like there’s little rhyme or reason behind the names of cannabis strains — and indeed, much of the time they mean nothing at all. Sometimes, however, there is a fair amount you can learn from a name. Haze, for example, is one of several iconic, building-block strains that has been used to breed many of today’s available cannabis varieties.

Haze strains are usually sativa dominant, with an upbeat and energetic high, and tend to have high levels of THC. They are not known to be particularly easy to grow, with a long growing period.

Kush vs Haze

Kush and haze belongs to the family of Marijuana. People smoke Kush and haze for getting some extra pleasure. These two are also sometimes used for medicinal purposes. Though Kush and Haze cannabis have many similarities, they are different in many respects.

Kush belongs to the subset ‘cannabis indica’ whereas haze belongs to the subset ‘cannabis sativa’.

Kush has its origins in Afghanistan and is widely seen in Pakisthan, Iran and northern India. The name Kush has been derived from the Hindu Kush mountain range. On the other hand, Haze has its origins in central California and Jamaica.

Though the two are widely used the world over, Kush is considered to be the best weed version. When considering the genetics, there is difference between Kush and haze.

When talking about the herb, the Haze is taller than Kush. Haze grows taller to about 20 ft in height and is bushy. On the other hand, Kush is shorter in appearance and also a little bushy. The seeds of Haze are small but are very potent. Haze is known to have a sweet and sour taste. On the other hand, Kush has a grapey taste.

Kush and Haze are also different in their effect. When comparing the two, haze has more powerful effect than Kush.

Both the Kush and Haze comes in many varieties. Hindu Kush, Purple Kush, OG Kush and Master Kush are some of the variants of Kush. Purple Haze, El Nino, Blue Pearl, Arjan’s Haze are some of the Haze varieties.

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