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Rosin Dab

Rosin Dab extraction is an exception to the common misuse of this very powerful word. Rosin’s revolution is underway and can profoundly impact patients, consumers and businesses. Now emerging from relative obscurity during a concentrate market dominated by BHO or Cannabis wax, rosin is not any longer confined to the realm of hobbyist’s hair straighteners and repurposed shop presses.

Rosin can now be produced on a billboard scale cheaply and safely. It comes as no surprise to several that concentrated cannabis products.  This include shatter, wax, pre-filled vape pens and related extracts are in incredible demand across the country.

For instance , Colorado saw a surge of over 125 percent growth in concentrate sales. This is probably going to be replicated in other maturing markets.

Patients and consumers alike are checking out that concentrates typically act as very potent medicines and offer unparalleled relief, flavors and experiences. On top of all of this momentum, rosin is uniquely poised to become product of choice and preferred extraction method by many.

What is rosin?

By definition, rosin is a cannabis extract made using heat and pressure—cannabis plant material is placed in a press with heated pads and then compressed, squeezing out hot oil. The process is solventless, so no solvents or chemicals are used in creating rosin. This process was originally used to create rosin for violin bows, which is how the concentrate gets its name.

Rosin is ready in minutes and doesn’t require any extra steps to purify or dilute the extracted oil. Making it is simple, and anyone can make rosin at home with a DIY rosin press or a few household tools (more below).

Rosin is considered to be a dab, as it is most often consumed in a dab rig. However, it can also be put in a cartridge and vaped. Rosin is not considered a wax, as waxes are made with solvents such as butane.

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